We're committed to minimising our impact on the planet, constantly assessing how we may lessen our environmental footprint.

This means that wherever possible we work with suppliers, partners and collaborators who share our values.

For example, the shoe products in our store are packaged and delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes and brand tags are made from recyclable cardboard (if you have a garden, the boxes make great mulch)

Our line of iphone covers is 100% biodegradable and are  made from plant materials (soil, onions, carrots, pepper, sawdust, rice, soybeans and wheat, of all things).

It is our company policy to:

  • Recycle waste material wherever possible. For example, all cardboard and waste paper is used on our garden as mulch. Waste paper is reused as notepads on our desks
  • Avoid printing paper wherever possible. All communication is electronic rather than by conventional mail.
  • Recycle equipment and materials that are no longer in use. For example, we donate surplus or unwanted items to local charity shops.
  • Keep energy use low by using low energy LED light bulbs and turning off all appliances not in use.
  • Sell products made from recycled material wherever possible and when quality is of a suitable standard.
  • Purchase, use and sell products with a lower environmental impact. For example, we prefer to use environmentally safe soaps and detergents.
  • Shop locally and support local creatives, artisans and producers. For example, we prefer to purchase fresh produce from the growers at market stalls, purchase bathroom products from artisan producers and support small business operators in our community.
  • Use utilise low impact travel means whenever possible. For example, rather than drive our vehicle short distances, we prefer to cycle, walk or run to the local shop.

 We believe that an online store has less environmental impact than a bricks & mortar store. We encourage the ethos of upcycling and recycling. May we suggest that when you tire of wearing our products that you donate them to a friend, a stranger in need, or pop them in a charity box, rather than allowing unwanted items to end up in landfill.

Thank you for helping make the planet a better place for us all.