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By purchasing items from you agree that you have read,  understand and agree to our shipping, refund, privacy and terms of service policies.

All custom designed products are adorned with original photographs created by Fiona Harper and printed on individual products. Products are sourced from international suppliers and printed on demand for each purchaser.

Shipping and handling is managed by each print-on-demand supplier, which are located in various international locations. If you order multiple products in one order, it may be that your order may be printed at different locations, from different suppliers. This means that you may not receive your entire order in one parcel.

As each product is custom printed after you place your order, shipping your product takes longer than mass-produced products and the delivery of your order will subsequently take some time. It may take as long as four or five weeks for your product to arrive (possibly even longer given shipping limitations during a pandemic).

Thank you for your patience! We promise it will be worth your wait to receive a custom-designed product that you won't find anywhere else.




Every product is handmade on-demand by KIN CUSTOM and we do not carry inventory. Expect approximately 3 business days for production. Shipping time is in addition to production time. The following shipping methods are available for print-on-demand products through KIN CUSTOM:

  • Express (International): 5-7 business days, dropshipped to the end customer directly from China.
  • Premium (International): 7-10 business days, dropshipped to the end customer directly from China.
  • Economy (US Only): 10-20 business days, dropshipped from our manufacturing center to our distribution center in the USA where it is relabeled and shipped to the end customer. 
  • Standard (International): 20+ business days, dropshipped to end customer directly from China.  

Please note, shipping times are estimated and also are contingent upon the customer's destination and the product's origin. Once a shipment has left  manufacturing centres, carriers assume responsibility of the shipment and therefore we cannot guarantee delivery times, only estimated. For Homewares expect approximately 7 business day production. 

All packages will require signatures upon delivery. However, carrier protocol is to leave the package at a specific location without signature if the delivery area meets carrier safety measures. 

Two delivery attempts are made from shipping carriers. After two attempts have been made, the package will remain at a local facility for 7 days before sending back to the shipper or you may risk having it destroyed. If you miss the second attempt, please contact the carrier to confirm which local facility the package is located at for pickup. Once a shipment is destroyed, Mitribe cannot refund the order. If you have issues retrieving your package, please contact us so that we may assist in getting your package successfully delivered.


Every product is handmade on-demand by Printful and we do not carry inventory. Expect at least 3 business days for production. Shipping time is in addition to production time. Shipping from USA, where most products are made and printed, can take 4 - 5 weeks or longer, and is dependent upon freight, shipping and courier companies. Timeframes for delivery are outside of our control. Each order is assigned a tracking number to show the progress of delivery and shipping status. The following shipping regions are available for our custom printed products.

Shipping Regions