Mitribe.shop is owned by MiTribe Media which is the creative studio of Fiona Harper travel writer and photographer.

All custom-designed products on MiTribe.shop are adorned with original photographs created by Fiona Harper and printed on individual items. Each item is sourced from local or international suppliers and are printed on demand when you place your order. Shipping and handling is managed by each supplier. Depending on the items in your order, items may ship independently from different locations.

Prices are quoted in AUD and GST (an Australian tax) is added at checkout.

As each product is custom printed, shipping your product takes longer than mass-produced products. Depending on global factors affecting shipping worldwide, sometimes it may take as long as four or five weeks for your product to be delivered. Other times, your order may arrive in a matter of days. Unfortunately the timing is beyond our control.

What is in our control is the quality of artworks printed on your items. We create each design with care, attention and with a genuine desire to produce something that is unique and beautiful. All designs are unique to Mitribe Media and I promise that you won't find these items for sale in stores - they can only be purchased here at mitribe.shop

I welcome feedback and reviews from products purchased. I encourage you to get in touch if you've seen a photograph or design of mine that you'd like to see printed onto a particular product.

Read about our policies:

Business owners or sports club managers, if you would like to order in bulk for your company, sports club or organisation, please do get in touch. We can customise items specifically to your brief, including logos to fit within your brand guidelines.

Thank you for supporting a creative artist. 


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